Ugg is a pink pig-like creature that is an enemy in many Q*bert games.




In the first game, Ugg, along with Wrong-Way, run along the sides of the blocks to attack Q*bert.

Animated Series

Ugg in the animated series is depicted as a greaser-type character, and is part of Coily's gang.

Q*bert 3

In the third game, Ugg plays an identical role to the first.

Q*bert 2004

In the Q*bert 2004 flash game, Ugg reprises his role from the first game. However, as with Coily, Slick, Sam and Wrong-Way, Ugg appears differently depending on the board type.

Wreck-It Ralph


As with the rest of the original Q*bert cast, Ugg makes an appearance in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph.

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