Slick is one of Q*bert's antagonists.




In the first game, Slick and Sam played an identical role: turn the color of the cubes back the way they were before Q*bert landed on them. Unlike the other enemies, both Slick and Sam are harmless to touch.

Q*bert 3

In the third game, Slick and Sam played the same role as in the original.

Q*bert 2004

In the Q*bert 2004 flash game, Slick and Sam are back to their original roles. However, as with Wrong-Way, Ugg and Coily, they appear differently depending on what board type is being used.

Wreck-It Ralph


In Wreck-It Ralph

Along with the rest of the Q*bert characters, Slick was confirmed for a cameo appearance in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. Here he, along with Q*bert, Coily, Wrong-Way and Ugg are depicted as homeless folk in need of food. As a detail, Slick's sunglasses are missing a lens.

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