Q*Bert Wiki
Species Q*bert
Gender Female
First Appearance Q*bert 1999

Q*Dina is a purple female creature similiar to Q*bert. Her first, (and so far her only,) appearance has been in Q*bert 1999 for Playstation, Dreamcast and Game Boy Colour. 

Supposedly, she is Q*Bert's love interest, but this has not been confirmed. In Q*Bert '99, she was a playable character in two-player.

Q*Bert 1999[]

In the intro to the game, Q*bert is seen flying around Q*Burg on a disk with the blue Q*Dirk scowling at him, and he is noticed by Q*Dina. Moments later, Coily appears with Slick & Sam, and the world begins to tear apart. Q*Dina is seen spiraling into the vortex created by Coily, and Q*Bert (who has survived by jumping on a disc,) sees her, and sets off on his adventure.


  • Q*dina, along with the other female Q*bert creatures in Q*bert 1999, look quite a bit different from their male counterparts. This is likely an example of sexual dimorphism. However later female Q*berts look the same as the males.