Q*bert (1999) is the fourth main game in the Q*bert series. It was released on the PlayStation and Dreamcast in 1999. The game was developed by Artech Studios and the PlayStation version was published by Atari, with the Dreamcast version being published by Hasbro Interactive. This game gives Q*bert a 3D make over, having the series main protagonist take part in a transdimensional adventure.


Help Q*bert rescue his friends, and save Q*dina while navigating through challenging new worlds of mind-bending pyramid puzzles filled with secrets, helpful power-ups, and all the familiar characters you remember - plus a few new ones!





Modes of PlayEdit

  • Classic: The original game now in 3D!
  • Adventure: Q*bert's home world, and friends have been kidnapped by his archenemy, Coily! Lead Q*bert on a wild cube-hopping adventure to save the day! Find four pieces of the Magic Disc in Dimensions unknown to put an end to Coily's dastardly deeds!
  • Head-to-Head: Q*bert versus Q*dirk! They can concentrate on either collecting points or getting to the end of each wave first.


Game CoversEdit

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